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Corporate Wall Art Mural for ADB Safegate

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Public Art Mural in Short North Columbus Ohio

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Design Commission for Jackie O's Beer Cans

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Fine Art Gallery of Adam Hernandez Artwork

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Mural Artist Adam Hernandez Portrait

Adam Hernandez is a professional artist, muralist, and designer.

With 12+ years of experience, Adam has expertise in creating public art, working through commercial partnerships, and exhibiting in the gallery setting. Adam has been featured in mural festivals worldwide and published in multiple works. Adam is a passionate advocate for the Latine artist voice.

With Adam

Adam Hernandez is a passionate advocate for the Latine artist voice.

In his work, Adam draws inspiration from hieroglyphics and graffiti, two art forms that he believes share a commonality in their intention and meaning. Adam showcases the relationship between these art forms by borrowing techniques and concepts from both to create his own mythology. By referencing and reinterpreting these traditions and practices, Adam hopes to preserve their legacy and maintain their relevance for future generations.

Artist Adam Hernandez Painting a Mural on a Wall

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