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Adam Hernandez creates public art with a focus on engaging communities and sparking dialogue. He has collaborated with various organizations and local communities to design and execute large-scale murals that reflect the unique stories and identities of the places they inhabit as well as his own latine identity. Through his public art pieces, Hernandez aims to create a sense of belonging and pride among residents, while also encouraging them to think critically about social and cultural issues.

Hernandez_MidOhio 3

Resilient Mother

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Be The Light - Short North Unconventional Mural series

Be The Light

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Guardians of Old North

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Peace Dawns Today

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Vejigante Godmask

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Upfest Godmask Mural

Upfest Godmask

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Progress Shot

Portal of Perception No. 1 - Freckled Dragon King of the 13 Eyes

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Public Art Mural for the Veterans Memorial in the City Wetsterville Ohio

Poppin' Poppies

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Tiger Godmask

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