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Adam Hernandez's experience creating and showing fine art in a gallery setting has been a transformative journey of self-expression and connection. Through his artistic process, he has found a deep sense of fulfillment and purpose, allowing him to explore his Latine heritage while reflecting on themes of self identity, confidence, and mental health. In the gallery setting, his work has been met with admiration and intrigue, fostering meaningful conversations and connections with art enthusiasts and fellow artists.

In his work, Adam draws inspiration from hieroglyphics and graffiti, two art forms that he believes share a commonality in their intention and meaning. Adam showcases the relationship between these art forms by borrowing techniques and concepts from both to create his own mythology. By referencing and reinterpreting these traditions and practices, Adam hopes to preserve their legacy and maintain their relevance for future generations.

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Young Buck Go Savage, 2020

Only Bangers

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The Legend of Yasuke

Rival Lands

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Three Herons in The Hood

Land of Thunderbirds

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Three Women with Baskets

Other Paintings

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