McCallum Garage Mural

Mural Title:

McCallum Garage Mural

Date of Completion:

October 2023

Mural Location:

McCallum Garage, Bridge Park, 6741 Longshore St, Dublin, OH 43017

Project Details:

This mural was designed and produced for Crawford Hoying at the McCallum Garage in Dublin, Ohio. Adam partnered with the Crawford Hoying team to design a custom mural that featured foliage and trees found in Dublin, Ohio. This mural is a great example of Adam’s ability to integrate client feedback and design requests into his work.  This mural was truly a collaborative effort between client and artist, from sketch to production!


About the Artist:

Adam Hernandez is a Columbus, Ohio based muralist who creates custom murals designed to elevate commercial spaces. With a keen eye for design and a passion for creating captivating visuals, Adam Hernandez is your go-to artist for transforming ordinary walls into extraordinary works of art. Whether you're looking to enhance your office lobby, restaurant interior, or retail storefront, Adam's exceptional ability to create custom murals will leave a lasting impression on both clients and customers.

As a highly skilled muralist and designer, Adam Hernandez understands the importance of tailoring each project to meet the unique needs and vision of his clients. With his expertise, he can seamlessly blend your brand identity and aesthetic preferences into a mural that truly reflects your business's personality. Whether you are hoping for a bold and vibrant mural that energizes your space or a more subtle design that exudes professionalism, Adam's versatility and attention to detail ensure that your custom mural will exceed your expectations. Trust Adam to bring your commercial space or small business to life with his unrivaled ability to create custom murals that leave a lasting impression.

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