Columbus Crew Event Paintings

Mural Title:

Columbus Crew Event Paintings

Date of Completion:

Summer 2023

Mural Location: Field, 96 Columbus Crew Way, Columbus, OH 43215

Project description

Adam was hired to design and implement multiple live event paintings for the MLS team the Columbus Crew during the 2023 season.  Each image was designed specifically for the Crew, one a live chalk drawing, one a painting on canvas, and one an interactive coloring book page. This process included painting on site in front of a live audience on the Crew’s plaza pre-game.

Adam was honored that the Crew requested he use his own design aesthetic for these events.  Specifically, Adam had a great time designing the Crew Cat inspired designs as a Crew fan and season ticket holder!

About the Artist:

Adam Hernandez is an artist and designer specializing in creating custom design work. With a diverse portfolio that spans across various mediums, Adam's design experience includes crafting logos, concert posters, t-shirt designs, billboard designs, and beer can labels. Whether you're a small business seeking a unique brand identity or a concert promoter in need of eye-catching promotional material, Adam is a great match for your design needs.

With a keen eye for detail and an understanding of the commercial design landscape, Adam is well-equipped to support your business's design needs. His ability to seamlessly blend artistic flair with strategic thinking ensures that his creations not only look visually stunning but also effectively communicate your brand's message. From sleek and modern designs to bold and vibrant artwork, Adam's design work is truly versatile. Trust Adam to bring your vision to life and captivate your target audience with his exceptional design skills.

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