Natalie’s Grandview Music Hall & Kitchen Mural

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Project Title:

Natalie's Grandview Music Hall & Kitchen Mural

Date of Completion:

June 2020

Mural Location:

Natalie's Grandview Music Hall & Kitchen; 945 King Ave, Columbus, OH 43212

Company Website:

Natalie's Grandview

Project Description:

This mural was created in partnership with Natalie’s Grandview Music Hall & Kitchen.  Natalie’s boasts “two distinct spaces that offer inspired cocktails and food to enhance any evening with the best of food, drink, memorable music. A place to let the world drown out for an evening.”

Adam partnered with the owner’s of Natalie’s during the summer of 2020 to bring their vision of an abstract record themed mural to life.  This mural was produced with the help of a few assistants over the span of three days! Natalie’s is a progressive leader in the Columbus culinary community whom Adam is proud to have worked with on this vibrant, engaging custom mural.

About the Artist:

Adam Hernandez is a Columbus, Ohio based mural artist who has proven himself in the realm of public art. He has worked with international organizations, such as Upfest, to create custom murals that are both vibrant and engaging. The Upfest Godmask Mural is a piece that was created as part of Europe's largest international mural festival.  Adam's commissions are not limited to the festival scene, however. As a local artist, he has created numerous public art installations that have transformed the streets of American cities such as Columbus, Ohio, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, and Nashville, Tennessee. Adam’s work as a street artist has garnered him a reputation as a talented muralist. Whether Adam is working on a large-scale mural or a small-scale commission, Adam's attention to detail and passion for his craft shines through in every project he undertakes.

In short, Adam Hernandez is a midwest based mural artist who is making waves in the world of public art. His ability to work with international organizations and create stunning murals in the festival setting is a testament to his talent and dedication. Whether you are looking for a custom mural or a public art installation, Adam is the artist to call.

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