Resilient Mother Mural

Mural Title:

Resilient Mother Mural

Date of Completion:

September 2023

Mural Location:

MidOhio Market at Norton Ave, 620 Norton Rd, Columbus, OH 43228


“Resilient Mother”: Adam Hernández reveals mural in Columbus, La Mega Media, September 2023

Project description:

This project was produced in partnership with the MidOhio Food Collective at their Norton Ave Market in Cherry Creek.  This mural was made possible with support from The Greater Columbus Arts Council (GCAC) and The City of Columbus.

The imagery represented in this mural captures the essence of Cherry Creek, a diverse community enriched by New Americans from Latin America, Somalia, the Bahamas, and India.  Specifically, this mural was conceptualized in response to community feedback focused on themes of togetherness, diversity, family, toughness, resilience, and respect. The mural, titled Resilient Mother, features Adam’s own mother, a Latina woman, a mother of three, and a public health worker who serves new mothers and infants in marginalized communities.

In Adam’s own words “This mural is a very special project for me for a lot of reasons, the first being that it is truly an honor to partner with the Mid Ohio Food Collective. The work that this organization does is beautiful, essential, and inspiring. The impact that this market makes on this community truly cannot be measured. The reason our world continues to spin another day is because of people like the ones who work here at the Mid Ohio Market on Norton Rd. Another reason this mural is special is because it’s a portrait of my mom, Rosemary Hernandez Pomales, who still lives back home in the Bronx. She’s very special woman. She made a lot of sacrifices and worked very hard to get me to where I am today and I’m truly grateful for that. I think that’s what this mural is about. Making sacrifices.  Pushing on.  For what?  What are the fruits of our labor? You see, in this mural, she’s surrounded by fruit. By color. By a vibrant bountiful harvest. Sometimes, there are people in our lives who don’t get to see or experience the fruits of their labors. This mural is for them. They work so hard for us that we may taste the sweetness that life can offer. We must do the same for those who come after us.

About the Artist:

Adam Hernandez is a Columbus, Ohio based mural artist with experience creating public art murals. As a muralist, Adam has worked with community organizations, such as MidOhio Food Collective, to create custom murals that are both vibrant and engaging. In the development of this mural, Adam created a meaningful piece of public art.As a professional artist, Adam has created numerous public art murals that have transformed the streets of American cities such as Columbus, Ohio, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, and Nashville, Tennessee. Adam’s work as a street artist has garnered him a reputation as a talented muralist. Whether Adam is working on a large-scale mural or a small-scale commission, Adam's attention to detail and passion for his craft shines through in every project he undertakes.

In short, Adam Hernandez is a midwest based mural artist who is making waves in the world of public art. His ability to work with city planning boards and community stakeholders to create public art murals is a testament to his talent and dedication. Whether you are looking for a custom mural or a public art installation, Adam is the muralist to call.

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